Paper Heart Project // CHD Awareness // Carrie Hall Photography

It is Congenital Heart Defects Awareness week! I have been participating in the Paper Heart Project this month to help spread awareness of CHD. This project was started by fellow photographer Danielle Awwad of Little Farm Photography, LLC. This issue has touched her life personally <3

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To help spread awareness post photos of anyone holding a paper heart and hashtag it with ‪#‎CHDawareness‬ and ‪#‎Paperheartproject‬ February 7-14, and throughout the month. If you or your child has CHD, draw a zipper on your paper heart and hashtag it ‪#‎hearthero‬. Lets spread awareness all month long! Anyone who wants to participate can, we want to get the word around and raise awareness!
You can also help spread awareness by re-posting the CHD Awareness poster below with the hashtag #CHDAware.

1 in every 110 babies is born with congenital heart defect.
Raising awareness can lead to change, research, and funding.