Meet Carrie


Carrie Hall loves to take pictures. She became a photographer when she was a child as soon as her first camera was placed in her hand.  She took pictures of EVERYTHING. Saving boxes, hard drives, and cloud storage of her life and the people who have filled it.

In college she studied art and graduated with a BFA.  She studied and her curiosity of all things creative grew. She has been many things in her life: coffee barrista, art student, ceramicist, maker, carpenter, amateur baker, caffeine addict, entrepreneur, designer, wife, mother, photographer.  

Her life has been full of exploration and adventure, always keeping her camera within reach.  However it was her adventure into motherhood that brought her into a career as a photographer. She was reminded of the importance of capturing life's moments and stages, even the simplest of these. She strives to capture the love and simple beauty of one's life to tell the story.